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The Top 50 B-Schools In India

Attitude Defines Altitude – 3 – Courage

Courage is a choice, a decision of working against odds, against risks, against chances of rejection. Courage is precursor to many other attributes like honesty, sincerity, uprightness, truthfulness and love. Courage is the oxygen in which all other positive attributes survive. Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, defines courage in his wonderful book, “The Courage Quotient: How Sciences Read more about Attitude Defines Altitude – 3 – Courage[…]

SMS College- Placements

SMS College, Varanasi, wholeheartedly invites recruiters, placement consultants and Human Resource managers, all and across industries to its campus. Each year the college churns out approximately 200 graduates from PGDM and MBA put together. The average starting salaries have reached a peak of 7.80 lakhs per annum as of the passing out batch of 2016. Read more about SMS College- Placements[…]

What are The Career Options after MBA?

Many students question themselves before investing time and money in an MBA. The most sought after query is what are they really achieving or gaining after getting a post graduate education in Management. There is absolutely no requirement of indulging in number crunching and reviewing statistics in order to determine the return on investment after Read more about What are The Career Options after MBA?[…]

Scope of MCA

In spite of there being a plethora of job and study opportunities available to students after completing an MCA course, students often get confused. There are a wide variety of Government as well as private sector jobs with varied ranges of salaries available. MCA or Masters in Computer Application equips students with information and knowledge Read more about Scope of MCA[…]

What are the career aspects of a BBA?

So where does a degree in Business Management and Administration land you? This is a question often faced by students graduating from a BBA course and students who are about to begin the course. Both the sets of students find themselves sailing in the same boat. Your career can take various directions after a BBA. Read more about What are the career aspects of a BBA?[…]

Scope of BCA

BCA or Bachelors in Computer Administration is one of the hottest career options as of today. Computers, their application, and technology is something that is most sought after in the times we are in. So naturally, graduates and students with adept knowledge of the same tend to find many options to work as well as Read more about Scope of BCA[…]

“Forpoon” : An encounter with innovation.

Few years ago, after a shoot and spending overnight at the editing studio, on a drizzling Bombay morning, on my way to the airport, I passed through a construction site; I saw state of the art machinery, the tower cranes, caterpillars, bulldozers, excavators and many more. Not an unusual sight. But a sudden thought struck Read more about “Forpoon” : An encounter with innovation.[…]

Attitude Defines Altitude

The attitude of belief and trust can make one think, attempt and achieve impossible things. Famous writer David J. Schwartz in his popular book “Magic of Thinking Big” has said – “Believe, really believe that you can move mountains and you will”. Every action, response, decision begins with belief, of course positive belief, in fact Read more about Attitude Defines Altitude[…]

Nationalism – Practicing and propagating

Nationalism is not a concept, it’s not a theory as is apparent when you google the word “Nationalism”, it’s beyond those definitions and expressions. It is an emotion it’s a feeling. It is a feeling of gratitude that one feels for his or her mother. A gratitude which can never be paid back. Nationalism is Read more about Nationalism – Practicing and propagating[…]

Attitude Defines Altitude – 1

If you google the word “Attitude” you will get about 38,30,00,000 results in 0.77 seconds, right from the English meaning of the word to thousands of articles on the subject. defines attitude as attitude [at-i-tood, -tyood] noun 1. manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person orthing; tendency or orientation, especially of Read more about Attitude Defines Altitude – 1[…]

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