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The Top 50 B-Schools In India

How to Get Professional Success

Every company – be it a well-establish MNC or a small business – requires talent, skills, diligence and integrity to produce consistent results. Work ethics is that quality often seen in star employees who do their job well, with/without supervision. If you desire to advance in your career, understanding and implementing key work ethics will Read more about How to Get Professional Success[…]


An excellent manager taps into talents and resources in order to support and bring out the best in others. An outstanding manager evokes possibility in others. 1. Creativity Creativity is what separates competence from excellence. Creativity is the spark that propels projects forward and that captures peoples’ attention. Creativity is the ingredient that pulls the Read more about TOP 10 QUALITIES OF AN EXCELLENT MANAGER[…]


Before a definition of spirituality in leadership can be provided, one must first examine the meaning of the two key aspects of the phrase: the “spirit” and the “leader.” One dictionary definition of spirit is “that which is traditionally believed to be the vital principle or animating force within living beings.” Thus, the spirit relates Read more about SPIRITUALITY IN LEADERSHIP[…]

Tips and Tricks to survive the Freshman Year of college

Once you enter college, you are starting life on a  clean slate. New friends, a new routine and an overall completely new environment. You are bound to take time to adjust to the surroundings and at some points in time, feel pressurised with the massive change that college has brought in. SMS college brings to Read more about Tips and Tricks to survive the Freshman Year of college[…]

Online Shopping Buying Behaviour In India

   Source: Essay UK – Online Shopping Buying Behaviour In India Introductions Commerce via the Internet, or e-commerce, has experienced rapid growth since the early years. It is well known to most of the Internet researchers that, the volume of online business-to consumer (B2C) transactions is increasing annually at a very high rate. According Read more about Online Shopping Buying Behaviour In India[…]

The role of social media in community building and development

Source : Facebook users can claim to have hundreds of friends in their network, yet sometimes find it difficult to name half a dozen people that they have actually met in their local neighbourhood. While social networks have helped people to meet like-minded contacts online, they have had a more limited role in developing face-to-face Read more about The role of social media in community building and development[…]

Difference Between Leadership and Management

May 9, 2015 By Surbhi S Source : Key Differences Between Leadership and Management The major difference between leadership and management are as under: Leadership is a virtue of leading people through encouraging them. Management is a process of managing the activities of the organisation. Leadership requires trust of followers on his leader. Unlike Management, Read more about Difference Between Leadership and Management[…]

What is the Significance of Research in Business ?

Source : The following aspects highlight the business research significance: New Knowledge: The fascination and desire for new knowledge, new facts for business cycles, environment analysis and technological upgradation are the primary reasons of research. Solution of Operational and Planning Problems of Business: Operational research, marketing research and motivational research are deemed essential and their outcomes Read more about What is the Significance of Research in Business ?[…]

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