Secuirty Analyst, Information security Officer

With the rise in hackers and data breaches happening throughout private and the government sectors. Because of this terrible reason we need some professionals to protect our data. There are some professional courses which are available here, e.g : Secuirty Analyst, Information security Officer ect.

A security analyst is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of data. The security analyst has to have knowledge of every aspect of information security within the company. Their main job is to analyze the security measures of a company and determine how effective they are. They are responsible for implementing any training required including instructing staff on proper security measures both in the office and online. The security analyst must work with business administrators as well as IT professionals in communicating flaws in security systems. They recommend changes that will improve every aspect of company security. The security analyst is also responsible for creating documentation to help the company in case there are any breaches.

A security analyst should also be responsible for implementing and managing necessary training for work colleagues and those associated with the organizations data and network. Information security and awareness is critical for everyone – both in an online and in an offline sense (by offline think “social engineering”)


Qualifications Needed:

Bechalor’s Degree with A CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CISSP and mile2 CPTC and CPTE are five clear winning information security training courses that will demonstrate that you have the skills and understand important processes.





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