5 tips to keep in mind in the Final year of College

Graduates walking towards future

It is the senior year of college. The final year. After the initial hiccups of settling into college life, it almost feels unreal that you would not be around for more than a couple of months in the same institution.

The last year or final/ senior year of college brings with many challenges as well as opportunities which you should be careful about. SMS college values each of its students dearly and hence a few tips from us on what to bear in mind to see you through the most important time:


  1. Do not be overconfident: If you’ve done well in the first 4 semesters of undegraduate life, chances are that you start feeling light and easy. This is when you begin to feel confident and mature. But remember that over confidence can kill you. Whatever hard work you may have done in the first years on the academic front, may go down the drain if you are not careful in the last year. The final year of any course is more likely to have tougher subjects. These subjects could be theoretical too, making them more difficult to score. The trick is so stay calm and not lose focus.
  2. This is the time when you should start researching on what you would like to do next. If you are keen to go in for higher education, then ample study should be done on the courses and colleges which offer the subjects of your choice. If you are keen to take up a job straight up , then you should be hands on with what companies you would like to approach. Chart out a career plan for yourself.
  3. Introspect: This is also the time of self realisation, where you should sit up and think about the end goals. What is it that you truly desire from life? If you want to work, do you want it to be for a short term or a long period? Would you like to go in for higher studies after getting some work experience or straight after finishing college? These are the decisions which are dependent on personal goals as well.
  4. Do not skip classes or ignore home assignments. It becomes all the more imperative to be on top of what is being taught in classes. Ignoring assignments and cutting down on classes build a negative impact on overall study pattern.
  5. Keep in touch with counsellors and teachers. Another useful aspect is to keep in touch with all teachers and counsellors. These are the people who will eventually guide and help you in future endeavours.

Good Luck!


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