7 Best things about Being in a Girls’ Hostel

The time we spend in college is the best time of our life. Those carefree moments, living away from family, being on your own brings in an entirely new sense of confidence, independence as well as responsibility. When asked, most people tend to recount and reminisce about the moments spent with friends during the college time.

SMS College students ponder over a few of the best things you will remember throughout your life, especially if you’ve been in a girls’ hostel:

  1. You make friends for life. You see these people night and day, live with them, eat with them spend days together with them. These are the friends who see you in both your highs and lows. That’s when they say that friendships that last through the college, most definitely last throughout your lifetime.
  2. Penny Wise. When you are staying in college, most likely you are on a budget. It teaches you to spend money wisely. Also the important value of money. You do realise that it is indeed very hard to earn one’s own money.
  3. A few years in a hostel teach you to be strong and independent. If you’ve been a protected girl child, this time that you spend in the hostel makes you tough and fit to look after yourself very well.
  4. Heart- to –heart. Especially at midnight. In a girls’ hostel, there seem to be no lights out. Girls can chat away through the night. Being in a girls’ hostel and with your choicest friends brings with it ample sessions of tete-a-tete. In other words meaningful, deep conversation where you tend to open up about your darkest secrets.
  5. Dal Chaawal. You truly understand the importance of eating and getting simple, home cooked meals. Hostel life brings in absolutely no routine. Some days you are eating in, and on other days you are ordering out. In both cases, the food doesn’t not come anywhere close to the meals cooked in your home. This is when you start craving for ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’. Being in a hostel makes you understand that the importance of ‘Mummy’s magic in food’.
  6. The effervescent Maggi. Maggi features in your meals/snacks a minimum of thrice a week. Quite literally! You learn to make magi in all forms one can think of. Noodles or Maggi are the quickest and cheapest food you can get and probably the tastiest too!
  7. Another addition to the list of friends- the Hostel guard. He seems to become the most important person, after hostel friends of course. This is because he is the only person who knows about your ins and outs and maybe allows you to enter the premises after curfew hours.

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