7 Steps a Student Must Follow to Make a Successful Inning

If you are one of those students who seek perfection, especially when it comes to studying and securing good grades, then you require a set of habits to help you achieve those goals.  Setting a routine for yourself helps in gaining focus, allowing you to make the best of even adverse situations.

SMS College talks about 7 steps that each college students should follow to become smart, successful and sharp witted student:

  1. Get Organised – This is the key. Quite literally! Organising yourself, your work and eventually your projects and submission has a long lasting effect on your student life.  Let us face it- you cannot work smoothly in chaotic situations. You should de clutter the space that you operate in. A clean desk and a fresh mind can help you finish tasks in half the amount of time than expected.
  2. Schedule or a time table. Having a schedule or a time table goes a long way in helping you to prioritise the tasks. Write things down in a dairy, maintain a calendar of events and work that needs to be finished. This way, you will find that most of the work is completed on time and you don’t end up forgetting anything.
  3. You cannot be everywhere at the same time. So, the need of the hour is to prioritise. Stack up the projects that need immediate attention on top of the priority list. Focus on studies and getting the assignments in order.  Getting time off and maybe catching up with friends can take a back seat and should not be the focus, during study years.
  4. Time Management. This is an area which is understood by all but implemented by only a fw students. Managing your time effectively is something that only you can do. All students have only those 24 hours – what you do with that time is something that only you get to decide. Make sure that you do not waste your time. Divide your day, so that you can spend a considerable amount of time studying and ample time getting adequate sleep and time off.
  5. Polishing your language. College includes a lot of writing. It involves a lot of debates and seminars. Having a good command over your language is always a plus point. Invest time in reading and getting yourself up to date with day to day affairs. This activity helps a lot in achieving a good control over the spoken and written word.
  6. Be yourself. Do not try and become someone else who you really aren’t. Aping someone else in the hope of becoming like that person, does not pay off in the long run. A student should always be able to focus on his/her own journey and making it worth remembering. A successful student is one who is able to face challenges in their own unique way without any pretence.
  7. Health is Wealth. Living a health life should attain supreme importance for each student. A healthy lifestyle is as important as your college life is. Feed your body with nutrients, cut down on the junk food and consume a lot of water.  Get ample sleep. Your body needs that time of rest in order to rejuvenate and recuperate after a long day of College. Keep your stress free and happy to make a success out of student life.


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