7 Tips on cracking the Job Interview- SMS College

Each year, with the graduating class of any business school, comes the whole exercise of placing the graduating students.  Any reputed college / business school’s endeavour is to ensure that more and more number of students are placed in well-established corporates, organisations, NGO’s and such places of work, depending upon the specialisation of each student and their areas of interest.

SMS College in Varanasi is no different and an example to reckon with. There are several activities that the college undertakes to help its students and ensure that the graduating class find meaningful employment after the course is over.

One of the unique programmesthat the college undertakes is the‘Personality Training &  Assessment Workshop’ conducted by ABBSCISSA HR-Consultancy, New Delhi. In this training workshop, various personality assessment and developmental activities are organised including Numerical Test, Verbal Reasoning, Clerical Aptitude, Map problems, Group Discussion Activities, Story Writing & Personal Interviews. ABBSCISA provides inputs & feedback to the students on basis of their performances in various activities on an individual basis.

SMS, Varanasi in collaboration with MRS Training Services, New Delhi organizes regular workshops for personality development and communication skills improvement for its students.

Here are some of the other things that the college actively participates in, to ensure better placement of graduates

  1. Finishing the course material on time.

The college ensures, first up, that the course material is finished and dealt with within a specified time frame. This happens keeping in view the time lapses due to other extracurricular activities that see zealous participation from both students and teachers. The college reviews the course material taught and finished from time to time.


  1. Internships/Small Projects

The college regularly organises internships for their students after each semester is over. This is done to impart practical knowledge to the graduating class and make them more future ready. These internships are a part of most of the courses that are conducted at the college. The internships are organised in reputed and relevant organisations, giving the students a fair idea of what work life will entail for them in the future.

These projects may last for a period of 2-3 weeks and are generally handed down to students in the lean academic period. More often than not, these are not paid for, with just a small stipend to cover the basic expenses.

  1. Mock Interviews.

The college regularly conducts mock or dummy interviews to better prepare their students for the upcoming grilling sessions of interviews with the prospective employers.  Questions based on academics, practical know how and other important aspects are dealt with. SMS college conducts a series of mock interviews with each student before the actual placements session begins. For these interview, a panel of experts is invited. These people include the permanent faculty from the college, as well as guest lecturers(from relevant industries) who are present for specific purposes.

  1. Seminars and Conferences.

The college regularly conducts seminars and conference and encouragesall its students to attend the same. These seminars ae conducted by eminent personalities in the Recruitment and Human Resources industries, who give great guidance on how to correctly chose the academic specialisation. These people also answer queries on the future scope of a subject, what sort of salaries can a specific profile/role draw. They also help students figuring out a path in case they wish to go the entrepreneurial way.

  1. Soft Skills.

Apart from exceling in academics, you need to possess certain soft skills as well. Gone are the days when a recruiter is only looking for an academic masterpiece. An overall groomed student may appeal more to a prospective employer, than just a boring book worm. Hence soft skills become very important. The college conducts sessions on – how to dress, how to talk, basically on how to conduct oneself when appearing for an interview in a placement process. Good manners, a well-groomed personality and aptly dressed person is sure to leave a mark and make a lasting impression. Neat clothes and shoes, and nicely done hair are the first visuals which you send out to the world. So, no point ignoring those.

  1. Life skills.

Life skills, such as Confidence, worldly know how and how to conduct oneself in public, go a long way in life. The college encourages its students to read. There is no better way to gain knowledge than to devour books which are available in plenty at the college library.  A student who can make and hold a conversation specially on current affairs or anything else happening around themselves is perceived as a smarter, more intelligent individual than the one who can only talk about the course material and books.


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