I started studying marketing management five years ago. During this tenure I studied many concept and theories of marketing management in the classroom and corporate life. But the solving of cases with help these theories often become difficult we have to track our own ways.

   Eventually, after solving many case studies I found that there is no ideal path to solve the realistic problems but looking forward I traced new way to solve it. It may not be ultimate option to solve your case but guide you in right direction where do you have to be.

At the first stage you have to pass through the four stages

  • Study
  • Contemplate
  • Decide and
  • Implement

The most difficult part of solving the case study is to understand the case where majority of student fails. So as to overcome from this, above four stages can be beneficial.

Presently, an average Indian student does not have specific procedure to solve the case study nor their lecturer teaches. This procedure has different logical steps. A comprehensive list of steps to attain the best possible solution for the case is as follows.

I attached a case for insight.


“John is a sales person in an insurance company, yesterday at 6:30 pm he gets an urgent appointment from his client for what he was waiting for 20 days, this deal may increase his sales volume, he has to meet him tomorrow by 10:30 to 11:00 am at his office in Mumbai, presently, John is in Delhi.”

With the help of case mention above we can better understand all the steps.


  1.       Problem Identification:

This should describe what is required to be achieved through the proposed solution. As per the above case the problem with John is to go to Mumbai by tomorrow morning itself. He has very short time to go to Mumbai.

  1.       Define Boundaries:

In this stage specify the limits and boundaries under which case has to be solved. These may be given in the case clearly or you need to assume it. (Some information has to be consider while solving the case.) As per our case John has to arrive at Mumbai before 11:00 otherwise he may miss the opportunity.


  1.       Case:

This heading should contain the key words given/narrated in the case. This is very important step but often student rewrite the whole case in this heading. But it gives bad impression to reader of case.

  1.  Assumption:

The gaps in the data noticed while writing the keywords have to be filled in by making assumptions. These assumptions should be clearly stated and reason for making the assumption should be stated.


  1.       Possible solution for case:

 Under this heading as much as solution you can give that should write under sub heading.


         1 .     Solution:



  1.   Solution:



  1.  Solution:




  1.       Select best possible solution:

This paragraph should give the answer why this solution is best solution for the case and how it can be helpful for case, what competency it has. It may be single solution or mixture of more than one solution.


  1.  Managerial Application:

Under this heading student should write which managerial theory used to get the solution.

  1.       Conclusion:

A summary by comparing what was the problem, how the action plan on the basis of optimal solution.

Here student should sum up the case witch describe the problem and how the implementations plan of the best solution tackles it optimally.

Source : http://abdulahadfareed.blogspot.in/2013/02/8-steps-to-solve-case-study.html

Writer : Abdul Ahad Fareed


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