AAP T-Shirts, Narendra Modi Mugs: E retailers cashing in on election fervour


Several online retailers are cashing in on election fervour by selling a wide variety of political    merchandise, helped along by the willingness of citizens to flaunt their political affiliations. They are hawking a range of personal accessories, home décor and utility items that are branded with images & logos of mainline political parties.

Online marketplace Snapdeal that first launched the ‘NaMo’ brand of phones aimed at followers of the BJP’S prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, now offers merchandise for followers of the AAP which include wall clocks and covers for phones & tablets.

Entrepreneurs said the increase in social media usage is leading to greater willingness amongst people to flaunt their political learnings, a dramatic shift from the reticence evident during even the previous general election in 2009.

The trigger for selling political merchandise peaked in January, when sellers on location based marketplace traders started retailing Aam Aadmi Jhadus (brooms) for Rs. 5 each. “The launch was an instant hit and we sold 2000 brooms within 2 hrs.

Although this business is seasonal, entrepreneurs believe that with India’s large electorate of 81 cr voters, and heightened political activity, it will provide a strong stream of revenue.


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