How A Student Changed His Life, Amazing Study Tips

College life is full of distractions. Most students are not very fond of studying. They are able to make average grades by what they end up listening to in classes and retaining a bit of it. Opening course books in their free time is something which most college students detest doing and need serious motivation for it.

SMS College shares TWO very important concepts: Memory Graph and Concentration Span, which help students to study more effectively

  1. The Human Memory Graph: The concept of human memory graph is such that, any text upon memorization is at 100 per cent (the peak) of the graph. It declines the next day and is strengthened when you review the same text. The speed at which you tend to forget this text decreases over time, making it simpler for you to remember what you want to upon successful reviews of the same text again and again. This can be seen well in the graph given below.


Instead of cramming , set a review plan for studying. You can achieve this by following these simple tips:

  1. Work Hard to improve the internal and external environment. Work hard towards improving your productivity and efficiency. By external environment we mean – keep your study room and surroundings clean. You are able to memorise better when sitting and reading in a fresh smelling room. De-clutter your work desk. Get rid of unwanted files and papers. Improve the internal environment. Read with concentration. Re-read many times if needed and use a lot of coloured markers and post it notes to highlight the important points. Visual memory helps a lot in memorising things and keeping the memory alive even after a considerable amount of time has lapsed.
  2. Plan and manage your course study material. Define a study schedule. For instance the number of hours per day put in for studying will vary from student to student. But define that time spent. If you think studying for 11 hours should do the trick, and then spend those designated hours doing just that. In your free time, participate in activities which make you feel lighter and refresh you, taking away the stress and motivating your mind.



  1. Human Concentration Span: Students pay utmost attention to the course being taught for the first 45 minutes. After that, the level of concentration is reduced to just 30 % of the original level. This is evident from the graph given below.


Take a break after studying for an hour or so. This 5 minute break will help you regain concentration to up to 90%.

Read a topic from many different sources. Not only does it reduce boredom, but also helps you understand the concept better, making it less difficult to forget.

SMS College explores a few tips and hacks to improve attention span.

  1. Time spent in exam preparation. A student must define the time spent in preparing before an exam. There is no sense in overdoing it. Studying endlessly for one subject only because you had time at hand, will not guarantee you great marks.  You should firmly decide the time you would like to devote towards studying for a specific subject and end just there.
  2. Apply subject specific Study technique. For Example, when studying for mathematics, sit down with a paper and pen. Try solving a question on paper. If you fail, copy the solution and read it later. Often when you read what you have written, you are able to infer the method to solve it.

For theory subjects, read ample material on the same topic so get a better understanding of the jist. Learning only from one book will bore and you will only end up cramming without understanding.

  1. Test yourself. Keep taking mock examinations before a test. Test yourself over and over to be doubly sure of the concepts you have learnt. Share quizzes with your mates and friends in a mock up to the main test.

These study hacks have been followed by students galore and implemented well  SMS College.


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