Attitude Defines Altitude

The attitude of belief and trust can make one think, attempt and achieve impossible things. Famous writer David J. Schwartz in his popular book “Magic of Thinking Big” has said – “Believe, really believe that you can move mountains and you will”.

Every action, response, decision begins with belief, of course positive belief, in fact there is only positive belief. The other kind is called disbelief or doubt. There is nothing as ‘half belief’. Denzel Washington in the Movie “Equalizer” tells terry “Don’t doubt yourself, Doubt kills” and reassures her saying “I think you can be anything you wanna be.”

One should be really careful of the subtle suggestion from mind suggesting failure and casting doubt on your ability the belief swings are risky, because, if you even consider the possibility of disbelief, it will engulf you, it has got this sticking property like strong epoxy adhesive. Don’t even try touching it, it will just get stuck. Belief is precursor of the thought of possibility thinking. David Schwartz has given an interesting analogy in his book where he compared our mind with factory; thought factory.

Believe in yourself, and good things do start happening.

Your mind is a “thought factory.” It’s a busy factory, producing countless thoughts in one day. Production in your thought factory is under the charge of two foremen, one of whom we will call Mr. Triumph and the other Mr. Defeat. Mr. Triumph is in-charge of manufacturing positive thoughts. He specializes in producing reasons why you can, why you’re qualified, why you will. 

The other foreman, Mr. Defeat, produces negative, deprecating thoughts. He is your expert in developing reasons why you can’t, why you’re weak, why you’re inadequate. His specialty is  the “why-you-will-fail” chain of thoughts. Both Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat are intensely obedient.

They snap to attention immediately. All you need do to signal either foreman is to give the slightest mental beck and call. If the signal is positive, Mr. Triumph will step forward and go to work. Likewise, a negative signal brings Mr. Defeat forward. To see how these two foremen work for you, try this example. Tell yourself, “Today is a lousy day.” This signals Mr. Defeat into action, and he manufactures some facts to prove you are right. He suggests to you that it’s too hot or it’s too cold, business will be bad today, sales will drop, other people will be on edge, you may get sick, your wife will be in a fussy mood. Mr. Defeat is tremendously efficient. In just a few moments he’s got you sold. It is a bad day. Before you know it, it is a heck of a bad day. But tell yourself, “Today is a fine day,” and Mr. Triumph is signaled forward to act. He tells you, “This is a wonderful day. The weather is refreshing. It’s good to be alive. Today you can catch up on some of your work.” And then it is a good day. In like fashion Mr. Defeat can show you why you can’t sell Mr. Smith; Mr. Triumph will show you that you can. Mr. Defeat will convince you that you will fail, while Mr. Triumph will demonstrate why you will succeed. Mr. Defeat will prepare a brilliant case against Tom, while Mr. Triumph will show you more reasons why you like Tom. Now; the more work you give either of these two foremen, the stronger he becomes. If Mr. Defeat is given more work to do, he adds personnel and takes up more space in your mind. Eventually, he will take over the entire thought-manufacturing division, and virtually all thought will be of a negative nature.  The only wise thing to do is fire Mr. Defeat. You don’t need him. You don’t want him around telling you that you can’t, you’re not up to it, and you’ll fail, and so on. Mr. Defeat won’t help. You get where you want to go, so boot him out.  Use Mr. Triumph 100 percent of the time. When any thought enters your mind, ask Mr. Triumph to go to work for you. He’ll show you how you can succeed.

Belief is also governed by law of attraction. When you show your belief and trust in you and your abilities and think on possibilities, you generate positive reasons for your success, this positivity creates positive universe around you and attracts reasons, people, situations which are conducive towards achieving your goal; whereas, the negative thoughts, disbelief, mistrust  create negative universe around you. In fact both positive and negative elements exist in the universe; it’s your polarity of thought which decides which section of the universe you will attract. The concept of law of attraction is brilliantly explained by author Rhonda Byrne in her immensely popular bestselling book “Secret”.

“I Can.”

It’s a powerful sentence and the power to this sentence comes from the attitude of belief. Look around, you are surrounded by wonderful inventions of 20th century, from airplanes to submarines, from air-conditioner to computer, smartphone, internet, every single of these inventions are the outcome of belief; belief of some people in the idea. The idea, which many people around them considered absurd, but our inventors did not allow doubt to creep in and eat into their belief. They worked relentlessly and ultimately succeeded in realizing their dreams and ideas into functional technologies and inventions.

Ms. Ummul Kher, who battled bone disorder, unsupportive parents, lived in a slum and cracked UPSC exam; is classic example of the power of belief. Everything around her and in her life was absolutely negative and even conceiving the idea of preparing for IAS was outlandish for a slum dweller. She got selected in civil services in her first attempt. Every word of her story speaks about power of belief, a belief which she had from her early childhood and preserved till she succeeded.

Belief is not wishful thinking, belief is the fuel which drives the vehicle towards success, but vehicle won’t drive itself, it needs a driver. So the fuel of belief in the vehicle of goal driven by concerted and determined effort, results in desired success.

Believe in yourself, trust your capabilities, find your map, chart your course and cruise. Happy driving.

Bye for now.



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