Bucket List for the Watermelon Weather!

Summers have officially begun! Most colleges usually take some time off during this time of the year. However, many students mistake this time to only while away their time unproductively, thinking little of what they could have achieved. SMS College gives you a bucket list that you need to aim for this summer:

1. Volunteer Opportunities. If you the social worker, the one who wants to spend his/her time giving back to the society, then take up volunteering activities. These could range from organising a cleanliness drive in and around the college, teaching underprivileged children, or even trying to get basic amenities for the less fortunate. This experience will not only be enriching personally, it will add many accolades on the professional front as well.

2. Travel There is nothing like experiencing the world through the eyes of a traveller. We are not telling you to spend fortunes and ample time in visiting far off foreign lands. Travel within the country to places of your interest. This will get you refreshed and more energised for the upcoming challenging semester ahead.

3. Take up an Internship. This is an ideal time to take up apprenticeship or training in an organisation of your choice. Write to the companies which you may be interested in working for. Most of these organisations are happy to take students on board. The payout is very little or sometimes nothing – covering only very basic travel expenses. But the experience an internship brings with it is totally worth it.

4. Follow your heart. Pursue a hobby. It could be anything – playing a sport, joining your favourite dance class. Basically something you always want to do, but in regular days and routine, are unable to find that extra bit of time

5. Work Part Time. This is also an ideal time to earn that extra buck. There is no harm in working part time or only for a few months that you are free from college.

6. Personal Development. Concentrate on personal grooming and development. After all, that is what management colleges’ emphasise on along with strong academic knowledge. Spend this time in carefully combing your wardrobe, polishing your language skills and upping the interpersonal game.

7. Join a library. Read, read and read. This is extremely important, irrespective of the course that you are pursuing. SMS College strongly encourages its students to read well. This enables all students to get that extra edge over others, keeping them well informed about current affairs and making them slightly more knowledgeable than the rest of the students.


Have Fun!


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