Career as a Computer Science Teacher

A computer teacher gets many different opportunities. A computer teacher may teach basic keyboard functions and other computer functions to teenagers in public school or adults who are updating their work skills in class. They may teach more complicated parts of computer science to college students.

The duties of a computer teacher typically include creating lesson plans, evaluating student performance, maintaining classroom records, meeting with parents, teachers and other professionals, updating curriculum, and participating in campus events. Additional research, supervisory or organizational duties may also be required depending upon the expectation of the employing school.

Minimum Eligibility: For a computer teacher to public school, minimum eligibility is Bachelor Degree in respective discipline. For a computer teacher to college, minimum eligibility is Master Degree in respective discipline. For further detail you can contact to Board of Education in the state in which you wish to teach.

UGC-NET Certification: As a computer science teacher, you should qualify UGC-NET exam conducted by UGC two times in a year. This certificate is important for teaching at college level.

Apart from above degrees/above degrees/certifications in computer science, one may also collect degrees like Bachelor in Education (B.Ed). This degree is very supportive with computer degree at public school level. This increases your weight as a candidate.


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