Career Counselling – CAT Paper Analysis – Sectional Analysis


SECTION I: Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning

Sr. No. Area Tested Description No. of Questions Difficulty Level / remarks
1. Reading Comprehension 4 passages 16 (4+4+4+4) Moderate
2. Verbal Ability Grammar part error, Para Jumble, Critical reasoning, misfit 18 Moderate
3. Logical Reasoning Circular Arrangement, Venn Diagram, Simple Linear Arrangement, Distribution of objects 16 Easy-Moderate
Overall 50 Moderate

Evaluation: The level of the questions was moderate. Reading comprehension passages were manageable. Only 1 out of the 4 passages was tough. Questions on verbal ability covered only a few areas like critical reasoning, sentence rearrangement, and misfit among sentences given. Logical reasoning witnessed 4 sets with 4 questions each. The LR section was also moderate except one set on Venn diagrams which was comparatively difficult.

SECTION II: Quantitative Ability & DI

Sr. No. Area Tested Description No. of Question Difficulty Level /remarks
1. DI: Data Interpretation Bar Graph, Table based 16(4sets*4 questions each) Moderate
2. Quantitative Ability Number System, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and P & C 34 Easy-Moderate
Overall 50 Easy to moderate

Evaluation: The Quantitative Aptitude portion of the exam was significantly easier than the papers in the previous years. In terms of degree of difficulty, the section features only a few probing questions and majority of the questions can be handled easily.


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