Career Counselling – Interview Questions for a Fresher – III

What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

Answer: Try to visit company website and gauge what is their core value like Integrity, Teamwork, Honesty, Respect etc. Such values are always mentioned at any company’s website. Try to incorporate those core values in your answer. Always give example from your own experience

-> Strengths:

1) Make sure wherever you go for an interview, you should have an idea of what the relevant industry is doing. In that way your biggest strength should be “Sir/Ma’am I’m a Business aware self who always intends on exploring market for my knowledge area (always try to back it with examples i.e. if I’m going for an interview with Coke then I’d back my answer with examples of what Pepsi, Nestle or other FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector are doing in the market. In that way the interviewer would actually come to know that YES, THIS GUY LOOKS TO BE PASSIONATE/EAGER FOR THIS INDUSTRY/JOB !

2) TEAM COLLABORATION (I’m adept at developing resourceful relationships with colleagues, fully understands the value of team collaboration to further the success of a team. Keep one example in mind).

3) INTERPERSONAL SKILLS ” (I’m a proven relationship builder and has an ability to connect with colleagues on various level. Give an example).

4) COMMUNICATION (Exceptional listener and a confident communicator. Keep one example in mind).


It’s a very tricky question. Never ever tell your weakness to any interviewer. Always try to manipulate it in a way that the employer takes it as your strength for the company. Normally the answer I always give is:

1)  In fact I always takes this opportunity as a ‘SPACE FOR AN IMPROVEMENT for myself’ (validate it by giving few examples that how do you manage to figure things you lack in knowledge and then you intend to work on it.)

Apart from it we can list n number of strengths like..

Accept failures.

– Learn from mistakes.

– Good communication skill.

– Innocent.

– Helpful.

– Honest.

– Self motivated.

– Friendly nature.

– Team player.

– Good listener.

while in weakness we can mention

– Lazy.

– Develop faith very easily.



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