Career Counselling – Interview Questions for a Fresher – V

5. Can you work under pressure?

Ans: It is a very diplomatic question. If you say yes, they can ask you for some example where you have handled some pressure situation. Then also you should be ready with some example where you have worked under very adverse situation. So you can say………

Yes, I can work under pressure, why because the pressure makes a employee perfect. We should find ourselves what the mistakes we are doing & right to correct it. Working under pressure is nothing but completing task as per the requirement of the organization. I believe pressure is the force that brings out the inner hidden talents. Right from childhood we are used to work more focussed only when we are pressurised. So, certainly we are habituated to it

.Are you willing to relocate or travel?

Ans: This is a situational Question, If it has already been mentioned in the profile then you must reply in Yes, but if it has not been discussed earlier you have every right to negate it. Now if you are comfortable relocating they you can reply in positive. For freshers it is suggested to give a positive answer they don’t have much choice as a fresher.


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