Choosing the right MBA specialisation

That’s a tricky choice. Any student, who is in the middle of pursuing an MBA degree or is even starting off with the course, is faced with a very question. Which specialisation to opt for ? Students enrolling themselves for a post graduate management course are faced with so many suggestions, live examples, they often tend to lose track of what they really want.

SMS College helps you explore a few factors which should be kept in mind while choosing the apt specialisation during the MBA course.

Explore your personal interest. The first rule is to explore your personal interests. What is it that you really want to do? What are your areas of focus and potential? Self interest should be put on the forefront. Eventually you will have to live with the choice that you make towards your education. If you have a creative bent of mind, then you go opt for marketing and advertising as a specialisation. If numbers interest you then you can go in for finance.

Target Organisation. This is another way which you can use to understand which specialisation you should be going in for. Look out for the organisations or companies that you want to work for in the future. The nature of their core business should help you decide which majors to opt for, for you to be a part of your dream companies in the future.

Speak to your past. If you have a prior work experience, before enrolling yourself into an MBA, then you can try and explore if the same areas of work interest you. You could analyse the work done previously to understand your aptitude better while choosing the specialisation. So for instance, if advertising is not your game, then maybe you could explore fields like HR, Social Media and brand management.

Be yourself.  When you are assessing the various choices of study in the MBA program, try and be as close to reality as possible. Look at your own view points, priorities and environment that surround you. Do not copy a role model or try and be someone else entirely. All of us want a comfortable life and a high profile job with ample monetary benefits. But these luxuries do not come in very early in life – they require a lot of hard work and dedication. Hence, the course specialisation should be carefully thought through keeping your own future in mind.


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