***College life***

***College life***

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”       – Mark Twain.

Having completed my school life time came in when I started preparing for my future career,being a science student I opted for Engineering.World seemed to be exciting just because I was goin to enter the college life about which I had only heard.I can stil remember that 1st day of my college ..me in formals and a bit frightened just because I heard my roommates talking about Ragging.Rather when I entered the college every thing went off v. well,no ragging were performed but seniors took my intro which was common  and should be done.Talking about my stream I took Computer science&engineering.Truly speaking college life is completely different from outside world in my point of view.Soon as time passed on & our sem exam were on hand and I was frustrated as it my 1st exam in college life but as told seniors proved as an angel to me and they gave me a lesson that I should conquer my stress/fear and you can’t believe, things went off smoothly and as far results were concerned I got v good marks.You come to many facts and learn many things about your day to day life like organizing your time,setting realistic goals which help you a lot in gaining success.College life just tell you how freely one can live his life to his fullest just by making a balance in studies as well as other co-curricular works.A student just passing through his college life get aware of his responsibilities as well as duties which he couldn’t have learned anywhere else.Being a new place one get to handle new situations interact with his own will & gain self confidence.Teachers in college are not just teachers but qualified professionals who helps the student in changing their attitude,personality and everything which would transform a student into an Proffesional & a gentle man/woman.this life also provide you a chance to build lifelong friendship which is one of the most imp. aspect of our life.College life is a pool of knowledge from where students can take as much learning as they want just from the way how to interact with others to being a successful humanbeing.

At last I would like to say that college life is a wonderful life & I am v thankful to myself for being a part of it and learning a lot and I can never forget it ever.



Vikash Chandra Sharma


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