Commandments for Personal Learning

Remember that each individual is different and has his or her unique characteristics and qualities. Comparing yourself with others around only increases the distress, especially when you start focusing on where you are lacking compared to others. It is important that you channelize your energy towards your positive traits. There are some commandments for personal learning

1.Personality Matters, Not Looks Alone

It is not just looks that are important and that define who you are. Personality defines who you are and how you respond in various situations. It is essential to focus on the personality, which matters the most.

2. Learn Social Skills

Just looking good will never be sufficient to take you forward in life or help you in your relationships with people. Instead, hone your social skills. The more success one has in social spheres of life, the better you would feel about yourself.

3. Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Life is a balancing act. Learning to balance different aspects of life is integral to a wholesome life. Have a good, balanced diet and exercise.

4. Do not Avoid Social Interactions

Just because you feel you aren’t good-looking, do not avoid meeting people. The more you shun social interaction, the worse you would feel about yourself


Every individual has his or her limitations, then he or she also has positives. These positive are what you need to concentrate on. Know your strengths. Acknowledge them and work with them. Knowing your fears can help you address them. Participants will complete a self-awareness assessment and then the group will discuss strategies for improving confidence in communication.

6. Inlook Window

The In-look Window is a way of looking at our self-awareness and our ability to ask feedback of others. We will go through for feedback about you from relative friends and parents.

 7. Talk to parents and friends

The difficulties you might face in evaluating yourself in a positive light can be taken care of by talking to family and friends

8. Develop Media Literacy Skills

learn to see messages in the media in a dispassionate manner. Try and develop this skill so that you are able to integrate what the media shows in a realistic manner.

Everyone has their notion of how people should look and dress, etc… All these diverse perceptions can lead individuals to believe that they need to be a particular way, and if not, then it implies something negative about them. This can frequently affect one’s moods and behavior.



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