A Developer, Programmer and a Computer Scientist . Getting Confused ? Worry Not, we help you decode

The above three terms are often used almost interchangeably. However, all the three professional titles have very distinct personalities.  It is difficult to define what each one should be, as the roles tend to overlap and are very similar in nature. SMS College helps you to decode what each job profile would entail along with the required qualifications.

Computer Scientist

A Computer scientist is someone who writes codes for computers. They are people who are like mathematician as well as a technologist. These are the people who don’t just need to know that stuff works, they have to prove it.

Certain desirable traits for a computer scientist are good Communication and people skills knowledge of Software process and team dynamics. Computer Scientists tend to have a good reservoir of general knowledge of their whole field, but their core specialization tends to be in one or more narrower areas, in which they are considered world-class experts.


Programmers write awesome code. Making it clean, well-factored and error free are very important concerns, but not at the expense of getting the job done. It is all about knowing the meaning of “good code” within their domain. They need to have some math skills, but this is not a paramount concern. They need to know of good (best) solutions to problems, but they don’t need to prove it is the best solution. A good breadth of algorithmic knowledge is imperative. They have a depth of skill in a wide area of expertise and have reasonably good knowledge of related areas as well.


A developer is some who writes codes  which are well-factored and clean.  A developer need not have exquisite mathematic skills, however it pays f the developer is aware of common problems and solutions related to the domain they are in. A developer must necessarily possess communication and people skills, which assume paramount importance.  Absolutely  bread and better skills for a developer to possess are Process information  and team dynamics. These people tend to be generalists without any truly core specializations or in depth knowledge in narrow fields.  These people are experts at finding ways around problems and plugging components together to fulfill a set of requirements.

All the three kinds of people, A Computer Scientist, a Programmer and a Developer have their own distinct identities. None of the three is superior or inferior to the rest. These roles are merle different titles which have different dimensions of the field they’re all involved in. It is entirely possible to be both an awesome developer and a great programmer. But no matter where you fall, it is entirely possible to be highly successful if you fit snugly into just one of the three.


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