Drones to inspect progress of mega rail projects


Indian Railway on for the first time used an unmanned air vehicles or drones to inspect the ongoing work on the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) project.The drone was used for three days on a trial basis to monitor a total of 98 kilometers on the DFC. Out of this, it was used to monitor 42-km long track between Baghega to Srimadhopur in Rajasthan in the Western DFC and the 56-km long line between Durgawati and Sasaram in Bihar.
The use of drone enabled Indian Railway officials to prepare the status report of the surveyed section of the DFC project quickly and easily. The drone was hired from a private operator and it cost 3000 rupees per km for undertaking the aerial survey. Currently, about 170 projects, including doubling and laying of new lines, are being executed by railways. 

The trial was part of Indian Railway plans to use drones to monitor all the ongoing projects under DFC and to assess the ground situation in the aftermath of train accidents. A drone is a flying robot which can be remotely handled through software-controlled flight plans embedded in its systems working in conjunction with GPS.
Extra info:
1. The Minister of Railways is the head of the Ministry of Railways of the Government of India. The railway minister is usually accorded a cabinet rank, and is responsible for Indian Railways, the largest employer in the world. An important responsibility of the railway minister is to present in Parliament the Railway Budget, the Annual Financial Statement of Indian Railways. Suresh Prabhu of the Bharatiya Janata Party is the current 2. Minister of Railways, serving since 10 Nov 2014.
3. Union minister of Railway – Suresh Prabhu

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