Earth 2.0: What we know about Kepler 452b, the most Earth-like planet ever discovered


i. Nasa scientists have announced the discovery of Kepler 452b, also known as ‘Earth 2.0’, an earth-like planet in our galaxy.
ii. Over the course of years of data-gathering by the Kepler space telescope and even more analysis and work here on Earth, scientists confirmed the existence of the distant exoplanet, which is the most earth-like planet ever discovered.

iii. A year on the newly-discovered planet – the time it takes to orbit its star, Kepler 452 – lasts for 385 days, only 20 days longer than a year here on Earth.

iv. Kepler 452b has been the perfect distance from its star for many billions of years. According to Jon Jenkins, the Kepler data analysis lead at NASA’s Ames Research Centre, this means it’s possible that it hosts life on its surface, or at least could have at some point in its history.



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