Employability requirments in industry


We all want a good job after our college, especially via placements. But some of us get job and rest do not, why! Answer is they do not fulfill required profile which companies are looking for. Now let us understand this via a simple asthmatic relation –

Rate * time = money earn

Now we all have 24 hrs. In a day and we cannot change it, it is max. Working time we have. So in order to increase our earnings or to get job, what we can do, we can increase our rate, rate means our skills, knowledge, personality, efficiency, and this is what we keep doing in our whole life. So be positive and try to learn and develop yourself like numerical aptitude, logical and analytical reasoning skills. Some tips will help you a lot –

1. Understand concepts and implement them.

2. Try to be fast and accurate.

3. Do not confuse in various options, be clear.

vikas srivastva



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