Example of Best loophole on an exam that You’ve ever Witnessed?

It was Final philosophy paper at the final year of the Bachelor’s program. Everyone sweating caffeine after having read volumes of detailed books to prepare. Lecturer saunters in. A hush falls, interrupted only by the nervous clicking of pens and swish of answer sheets being handed out.

The examiner hands out the question paper. A single A4 sheet with a single line printed on it.

“If this is a question, answer it.”

Dumbfounded silence, nervous sideways glances and the thudding of heads on desks. And then,

“You may begin.”

A flurry of writing of pages upon pages proving why indeed the question was or was not a question according to this theorem or that philosopher.

Except for one student. He folds his arms, taps his pen on his lips thoughtfully, looks up, and writes meticulously a single line:

“If this is an answer, mark it.”

Hands his paper in and walks out. Receives the highest grade in the class. Wins at life.


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