5 Daily reminders, every college student needs

College life can be very stressful. With the umpteen numbers of classes, assessments and projects a student needs to be a part of, it can sometimes get difficult to remain calm and composed. In this state of affairs there are a few things that each and every college going student must remind themselves of.

SMS College helps you understand a few of them:


  1. You are Good enough. Constant comparisons with other students with respect to grades and submissions have an adverse effect on students’ personalities.

No matter what, we need to remind ourselves every single day that WE are GOOD enough. This instills a sense of confidence and you are able to deal with situations with a renewed sense of energy.

  1. You are Loved. Most students are all by themselves when in college. Alternately, they spend a lot of time away from family. In this situation, students need to remind themselves that they do have a support system – all of who love them and will stand by them, no matter what.

This thought alone can fill each one of the students with a deep sense of security. It eases out the stress and worries of the day and you know that there is always someone watching out for you.

We, at SMS College, encourage our students to spend ample time with family and friends. There is no better way to de-stress and unwind than an evening out with people close to you.

  1. Be Genuine. Each and every student needs to remind themselves to be genuine in all circumstances. This is a characteristic which can go a long way in shaping your personality.

You cannot be everywhere, no matter how hard you try. You must learn to prioritize and say ‘NO’ firmly to situations which aren’t in your favor, or where you won’t be able to do justice with your presence.

If you are genuine and real to the people who matter to you, then half the battle is won. You will not need to unnecessarily clutter your head and life with irrelevant thoughts.

  1. Everything works out in the end, for the better. It can be quite frustrating when situations and people do not react in the manner that you expect them to. However, one supreme thought that, everything will work out in the end – can bail you out of many problems which make you unhappy and impatient. You only need to give it your best shot. Everything else will take care of itself. The Solution automatically presents itself to you.
  2. God’s plan is always the bigger and larger one. And in the end, the almighty does have a larger plan for us in mind. This in no way means that we stop working towards our end goals. Our task and job is to work hard towards what we want- genuinely and honestly. The rest should be left to the forces of nature to look after.


At SMS College, it is our endeavor to look after all out students in a manner, that they not only enjoy their time spent with us studying for a course, but are also able emerge out of tricky situations strongly and deal with them calmly.


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