GCMMF (AMUL) — Managing Logistics to Align Customer Demands


Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is the largest food products marketing organization in India. It is a state-level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat, which aims to provide remunerative returns to farmers and also serves the interest of consumers by providing quality products and value for their money. It had Amul as the flagship brand, which is a market leader in milk products. The annual sales turnover of GCMMF in 2006-07 was INR 4278 crores ($ 1020 mn). The product mix includes bread spread, powder milk, cheese, dessert, health drink and fresh milk. The State Marketing Federation comprises all 17 dairies, 10,675 villages and 2.2 million milk producers in Gujarat State. The value chain of GCMMF.

GCMMF has a very wide network of milk collection. It requires management of a very complex logistics of collection from members spread over wider geographical area, weighing the milk at collection points, determining the fat content and calculation of purchase price. The logistics of milk collection makes it further difficult owing to the limitations in delivering the milk within eight hours to the dairy for processing to avoid decay. The job of milk collection has been outsourced to third-party logistics service suppliers (3PLs). The supply chain operations are carried out with military-like precision using Information Technology. Over 3000 Automatic Milk Collection System Units (AMCUS) have been installed at village societies. AMCUS helps in collecting 2.8 billion (2006– 07) liters of milk from 2.6 million members. AMCUS also helps monitoring and managing collection cycle, reduction in pilferages, reduced human errors, on-the-spot payments to farmers, wastage reduction, transparency of operation and operational integration. AMCUS schedules the ‘Milk Runs’ using operation research techniques for route planning and maximum asset (milk truck tanker) utilization considering the limitation of raw milk life. The distribution of dairy (finished) products is done nationwide through 47 depots using a network of 3000 dealers to serve 500,000 retailers. Another milestone in e-commerce and e-logistics by GCMMF is Amul’s cyberstore gifting service is capable of servicing consumers in more than 125 cities through the distributors’ network connected through Amul’s network.



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