1. The United Nations (UN) Chief Ban Ki-moon along with the agencies of the UN system on 30 November 2015 launched an initiative titled ______________ .
Answer: Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape

2. IMF included which country’s currency into its elite reserve currency basket?
Answer: The country is China and the currency is Yuan.

3. Name the most popular Russian film directors of the Soviet era, died on 30 November 2015 following the prolonged illness.
Answer: Eldar Ryazanov

4. What is the full form of NMPT?
Answer: New Mangalore Port Trust

5. Who is the chairman of NMPT?
Answer: PC Parida

6. Who is the Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare?
Answer: JP Nadda

7. What is the full form of IPV:
Answer: Inactivated Polio Vaccine

8. Who has been awarded with four Guinness World Record certificates for scoring five goals in nine minutes and which country does he belong to?
Answer: Robert Lewandowski’s from Poland

9. President Pranab Mukharjee on 30 November 2015 presented _______________ to a total of 40 school students of 27 districts from 18 states. The awards were given away for 31 grass root innovations at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A).
Answer: Robert Lewandowski’s from Poland

10. Hinduja Brothers on 29 November 2015 were honoured with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual ____________ Series in Dubai.
Answer: Asian Business Leadership Forum (ABLF)



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