Lets wind up year 2013 with a quick review of topics that were cause for excruciating pain and some events that gave us a light of hope.

Starting with the price surges in food commodities, inflation reached to double digits that reminds us of back 1960s although that time was full of obstacles in agriculture until green revolution took place. Talking about the surge in inflation in last decade, when the monsoon was quite upto the expectations it clearly explains the mismanagement of political system in india that caused such a surge in rice prices even though the country has abundant stocks of rice. The main surges was in price of onion and pulses but recent developments shows that rice has also become a factor contributing heavily in food inflation. Hence we can say whole ‘thali’ is playing the role.

Talking about the current account deficit, it has really came down in last few months because of the government policy of increasing custom and import duty on golds that was the main factor for increasing CAD. That has obviously given india an edge over the shocks and turbulence. We must not feel that we have just reached the saturation level cause india is still importing coal and has stopped exporting iron ore which is in abundance in india.

And being an optimistic ‘me’ I would put the event of formation of government in delhi by AAP as some light of hope for future of india. Corrupt indian politics has been shown a dog shit face by this aam admi. And this is not the first time a mass movement party being selected for government but it has occurred in past past but all of them followed the same casteism principle and focused on some specific group of people, but AAP is the first ever party who has no such qualifying criteria for entry except their value system. The great strength that comes from this victory is that this opens up the possibility of political participation to anybody.

Hence if we see at past year it was full of events that show us the areas of weakness and opportunities, and a better future can be guaranteed only by looking at the past events and working further to make our areas of weakness into opportunities and opportunities into area of strength.

My father always used to say:

“change the calamity into an opportunity.”

Contributed by

Satyam anand

PGDM I Semester


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