Globalisation isn’t Holy grail, after all!

What began a few centuries ago in a geographically confined scale, has now morphed into a full fledged global phenomenon. Students of International Marketing should take note that Globalisation has been around for a few centuries now, but was pushed hard for world-wide acceptance after the second World War. The environment of a connected world was prepared around the same time, with the latest advancements in War technology applied to commerce. We are talking about advancements like the Internet, logistics management,  funding organisations like the WB and IMF, negotiating platforms like the GATT, GATS and subsequently the WTO- all of these developments were made during or after the World War-2.

It is important for students to develop an attitude to question the norm and not just blindly accept it. In this article whose link I have attached, you will get an insight into how globalisation is becoming increasingly responsible in breaking the global economical and ecological balance, phenomenons it had initially been touted to repair and restore.



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