What happens if the college gets approved by NAAC accreditation grades ‘A’? What are the advantages of NAAC accreditation?

A college being accredited usually signifies that it has met certain standards of excellence across its operations.

There are three major benefits for students due to an accreditation:

  • Exchange Programs: The possibility of a tie – up with a good university abroad increases if the college is ‘A’ accredited. There is also a higher chance of incoming exchange / foreign students, both of whom help to build a more culturally diverse environment in college (of which the impact on individual growth cannot be understated).
  • Placements: Many companies, as part of their campus recruiting programs, only look at ‘A’ graded colleges. An accreditation, consequently, increases the number of companies coming on campus, thereby increasing the diversity of career opportunities available to students on campus.
  • Further Studies: While applying abroad, colleges often look at the grading of your college to gain a better understanding of your performance as a student relative to your peer group. The higher the accreditation, the better it increases your chances for a favorable reply.

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