How to Choose the Subject of Specialization in MBA

For most management students, choosing a specialisation is often a tough decision. And it is rightly so, because it plays a key role in determining their career path. If you have cautiously selected an MBA for your higher studies, then understanding the programme, market trends and expectations in the beginning is likely to help you. Nowadays, lots of students are opting for a recognized and credible degree in management after graduation for a better career prospects. However, it is important to select the suited specialization for MBA as per your core interest and aptitude.
A standard MBA degree program is usually completed in duration of 2 years; however there are certain executive programs which can be finished within a time-span of 1 year. Whichever of these courses you decide to pursue, you will get various fields of specialization to choose from, such as:
Human Resources
Information Technology
Strategy and Operation Management
Most b-schools need you to choose a specialisation in the second year, giving you ample time to know more about the various specialisations. There are three things that one has to take into consideration while deciding on the area of specialisation. First, you should examine your aptitude, interest in a desk job, liking for travel and whether you like interacting with people. Then, look at market opportunities. Currently, there are opportunities in finance, marketing, human resources, business analytics, media management, health management and hospitality management. One should also examine the educational background and experience and then find a match between them.”
The subject you choose for specialization in MBA will be the key factor that decides your future career and hence this decision is of utmost importance. You need to consider the below mentioned factors while making a choice:
Your Interest: If you make a career in the field which interests you the most, then obviously your scope of development will be a lot more. Hence choosing an area of specialization in MBA as per your interest is important. For example, if you have a knack for finances and you like to work on various strategies related to monetary field, then you should opt to go for MBA in financial management.
Aptitude: Experts suggest that if you are confused regarding choosing the right path for MBA, then taking an aptitude test generally helps. An aptitude test is basically way of knowing your areas of competency and skills. Based on an aptitude test, you can get a better idea of your areas of strength and make an informed decision while choosing specialization for MBA.
We also have to watch the market forces and current trends too and these days get a good grasp of at least two to three core functional areas, Conventional areas such as finance and HR are no longer the most sought after and popular choices. It’s IT, operations, marketing and consultancy that are doing well.
Now there are more options available such as entrepreneurship, rural development, sports management, hospital management, and brand management, giving more variety to students. If you have understood and researched the discipline well, you will make yourself better prepared and equipped to handle any kind of job change and also gather valuable experience and exposure in the long run.


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