What do Indian students hate the most?

Top 12 Things Indian Students Hate

  1. People will judge you by your CGPA only.They don’t care what you really know.
  2. People think only IIT,NIT & Top university students can succeed in life.
  3. Parents always compare you with someone who gets better marks than you.
  4. Engineering colleges in every vacant space in the city.
  5. Engineering colleges promise to give 100% placement.
  6. We have to read many irrelevant subjects in engineering which have no connection with our branch.
  7. Topper of your school/college doesn’t know anything out of the book.
  8. Reservation system in education.
  9. Education system gives too much importance to the marks .
  10. Neighbours are more tensed about your career than you and your family.
  11. Talking with a girl is considered as a crime by your neighbour if you are a boy and vice-versa.
  12. It is not necessary that a boy and a girl are always lovers.They can be best friends only.

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