Close up of model brain on mental health headlines

What if one day all the electronic source of information disappears. Our whole world will go upside down, then Every day, you would need to conjure imagination and creativity to plan for the 10-12 hours that was previously filled with technology. Could you do it? More importantly, could our children who are now immersed in technology from birth, and rely heavily on technology for entertainment and self-regulation, actually manage their lives without it? How creative and imaginative is the new millennium child who was raised and educated with technology, and could they survive real life outside of the virtual world? While these questions might seem esoteric, looking at the long term impact of technology on the human capacity for imagination and creativity is well worth considering, especially with young children.

Any information is just a click away. But everything comes with pros and cons and this is what happens with using the internet as well. Any information is readily available as it helps to meet the deadlines, save time, energy and effort but least they realize that this quick serving tool is actually killing the person’s creative intelligence.

Plagiarism has become a habit among youngsters these days, But least they know that plagiarism is just not copying and borrowing Instead it is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else’s work and lying about it afterwards thus highlighting the seriousness of the offence.

So now is the high time to wake up, it is never too late. Use following steps to be an original content developer, One may begin with PATCH WRITING, i.e. changing things here and there, and move to finally turn to paraphrasing. To fill your writing or thought gaps, QUOTE LIFTING may help. In case if there are people who lack the opinion approach, CONTENT CURATION is a great idea as it helps to aggregate multiple thoughts in one space.

Close up of model brain on mental health headlines

In the end, I would like to say “Be Original” as “An original is always worth than a copy.”


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