Interview Tips


Human resource interview tips – Do’s

-Have a firm handshake.

-Be sincere and direct.

-Introduce yourself in a courteous manner.

-Read company materials while you wait.

-You have to prepare for questions and listen carefully to the interviewer.

-Ask about the next step in the process.

-Thank the interviewer.

-Learn about the Human Resources Analyst Program and understand the different facets of human resources.

-You never know what the interviewer will ask you about, so be prepared to talk about anything you have included on your resume. You should be truthful about your experiences and skills.

Human resource interview tips – Don’ts

-Don’t show depression or discouragement.

-Don’t start the topics like salary, benefits or working hours.

-Don’t look at your watch.

-Don’t take extensive notes.

-Don’t be too serious.

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