10 Things Nobody Tells You About Life After College


College has come to an end. What does life entail after the academic years are over? It’s a sea change of routine, life, ideas and fundamentals that may have perceived about life in general. SMS College throws light on some the facts that no one tells you about life, post college years:


1. Job Hunting is a Necessary devil: As soon as college life is over, you fall prey to the necessary exercise of looking for a job. This may not be the most fun way to start work life, but it is something which must be done. Looking for a suitable job can take weeks, sometimes a couple of months, depending upon your qualifications and the nature of job you are searching for. SMS College provides ample assistance to all its students, so that they land up in appropriate organisations.


2. You may not end up in your dream job. This happens many a times. You think differently and what life throws out turns out to be something totally different. Sometimes bad, but most times better opportunities. So do not get fixated on the type of work environment, you are searching. Give everything your best shot, and let life take its own course.


3. Your financial situation might not as rosy: Initial work years aren’t as rosy as they look from outside. It takes a while for the financial situation to stabilise and for you to become comfortable with managing the finances.


4. Modes of entertainment will not remain the same. You change as a person. The way you want to step out – no longer remains the same. You mature and start looking at different ways of entertaining yourself.


5. You will grow as a person: This, in real terms, is known as maturity. You grow out of the younger, frivolous ways of leading life. You become more mature, and understand the worldly ways better.


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