Life Hacks You Won’t Learn in a Lecture Hall

So what are the most effective ways of learning? What tips and clues should you keep in mind when studying on a day to day basis or right before an assessment?

We give you a few ‘Study Hacks’ as put across by our students and alumni at SMS College.

  1. Gummy Bear Incentive: Give yourself a treat or an incentive upon successful completion of a portion of the designated course. These benchmarks as well as the treat should be set you. Stick a picture of a gummy bear on a portion of the text. When you finish till the point, pop in one sweet and see the speed with which you study for the next portion!
  2. Use colored pens. To break the monotony of reading and re-reading your own handwriting, try taking notes using different, bright colored pens. This hack fires up your visual memory making reading more enjoyable.
  3. Build up on those grades in the beginning of the semester when the classes, projectsand assignments are fairly simpler.
  4. Keep your phone away while studying. Social Media and other applications on our smart phones can prove to be a big distraction. At SMS College, we urge our students to leave their phone behind when appearing for classes. If carrying a gadget becomes absolutely necessary then it must be kept on silent or inactive mode.
  5. Use ample Post it notes. This makes remembering things easier. Post it Notes at home, inside books and notepads keep on reminding you of an upcoming assignment or even of an important event, paragraph in a book or material to be read again. Post it notes in different colors stimulates our brain and makes memorizing things easier.
  6. Put multiple alarms if you are a heavy sleeper. An early morning study session is always quicker and better. Productivity and efficiency in the earlier hours of the day is best, and gradually decreases as the day wear on. SMS College encourages its students to complete notes and assignments on time. If you are a heavy sleeper and take time waking up in the morning, use multiple alarms in different corners of the room. More often than not, this hack will ensure that you are up and about at your desired time, without putting off the alarm on snooze.
  7. Keep your room /dorm room clean and smelling fresh. A clean and fresh smelling room does wonders to what you are able to achieve ina day. Keeping the room neat and clean has a positive effect on the mind and body, making it simpler for you to go through the entire day.
  8. Practice presentations with a friend. Another hack which your teachers do not normally tell you is that you must practice the presentation that you are to make in front of an audience, with a friend. Tell your fiend to ask you difficult questions, raise pointers and interrupt you to understand the nitty griity’s of the presentation better.
  9. Get used to eating healthy. Eat healthy. You become what you eat. Eating a lot of junk slows down metabolism, making you inactive. Eat plenty of fruits and fresh veggies to finish delegated tasks on time.
  10. Sleep well, stay fit. Staying fit and getting ample 7-8 hours of sleep, helps your body to take on many physical challenges of the next day. It boosts stamina making you fit and active.


These hacks have been followed increasingly by the students at SMS College to effective finish their course material on time. Good Luck!


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