Modi Sir’s Extra Class on Teachers Day

5th Sept 2014, became a day to be remembered in history by each one of us and specially the youth of India and it also became the part of our history.

The Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi came on an open platform to share his vision for and with the youth of the country. This is the first time when a P.M. of our nation has directly expressed his views.

This is none other person but the role model of today’s youth and there is a wave of joy and excitement among students to hear their Prime minister speaking for them.

Around 18 lakh students would be hearing him while he will deliver his speech.

What would his Speech all about was the question within all of us?

When he actually delivered his speech it was understood he is not talking about something out of this planet but the basic things that we ignore in our day to day life.

He wanted the youth to be a trend setter. He himself feels the importance of teacher in student’s life and expects more of the respects towards the teachers by their students.

He want more of the students should prefer to become a good teacher and serve their country in the best possible manner and other than a “teacher’s day” there can’t be a good day to express this vision of his.

Sanitation is one of the major problems we are fighting these days, so if we come together and make this country a better place to live in the sense of cleanliness it would be a major achievement for all of us. This could only be done if we all put our efforts together.

He also showed his concern towards children who nowadays prefer to play indoor games instead of outdoor games.

He also expects the youth brigade to read Biographies to understand the reality of life.

With his futuristic approach he finds a better place of teacher’s in our society and teaching to not be a last option but the foremost and the most respectable one in their sense.

He also focussed on making the youth tech savvy and requested the teacher’s to be more aware of the upcoming technologies so that our students may not lack behind in comparison to other countries.

His vision will help to bring us on the world platform with competency within us in comparison to other nations and also to develop values and culture that will make us stand out differently from others.

There were many contradictions before and after his speech but if we neglect all of that and look for the positive side we will find that if we align ourselves with his vision and mission, we can come out in a better way on the  world platform.

Contributed by

Anjali Singh

MBA III Semester



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