Are You Moving Towards Fake Intelligence(Cut/Copy-Paste) ?

Today’s world and its people are losing their touch originality and creativity. In this fast paced world of internet and the World Wide Web, any amount of information required is available at the click of a mouse. Creativity seems to have lost its ground and more and more people are getting bitten by the internet bug.  Acting as the perfect source of information, database and resources through the internet, original thought and perspective from today’s generation is rare to be seen. Researchers are calling this advent of acquired knowledge as the era of fake intelligence or the times of cut-copy-paste. We are actually moving away from the world of artificial intelligence created by some intellects to the world of plagiarism or ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl + p. The fact to be pondered upon is- what is leading to this lack of creativity and cut-copy-paste phenomena? Is it paucity of time, stresses of everyday lives or just no motivation because of easy availability of knowledge pool?

In this world of pressures and deadlines, youngsters have started resorting to quicker means of getting tasks completed on time. This generation has stopped thinking far and wide, restraining themselves from pondering and contemplating on the topics meted out to them.

Google (or any other search engine) comes in the form of a saviour, with practically every topic covered. This serves as a solution for all their problems and assignments for most of students. The internet is catching many other segments and interests by the storm. Housewives looking for recipes, mothers looking for infant related discussions, businessmen looking for new innovations and ideas- the web has it all covered!

Hence, from the perspective of students, researching and reading ample articles on a particular topic before the submission of an assignment works well, till the time the words aren’t completely plagiarised. The trick is to search well, type in different keywords, and read a variety of articles. That would be a more intelligent approach rather than plainly copying text from world out there.

We at SMS College suggests that while it is not wrong to research well and take inspiration from other articles on the internet, it is important to follow a few rules in order to write well.

To avoid just procuring matter straight from the internet, one may begin with Patch writing, i.e. changing things here and there. Take up an entire article on a relevant which you really like with respect to the thought behind it, and change the manner in which the author has presented the viewpoints. One may also start by elaborating on a phrase/quote taken from the web, to fill in the writing gaps. Reading lots of articles on the same topic and curating content or the best of the thoughts also helps create originality and brining in a fresher perspective on things.



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