What are The Career Options after MBA?

Many students question themselves before investing time and money in an MBA. The most sought after query is what are they really achieving or gaining after getting a post graduate education in Management.

There is absolutely no requirement of indulging in number crunching and reviewing statistics in order to determine the return on investment after an MBA degree. It is a well established fact that any amount of higher education does pay off.  And, education in management is bound to get returns because of the sheer versatility of the subject of study.

So what all can you after you get that hard earned degree?  We just need to apply all the research and analytical abilities learnt in the course to real lives, in order to chart out a consolidated map for ourselves:

  1. Teach. This is a field where many management graduates do not venture, but it is worth exploring. Primarily, because teaching is something which will never fail. You can pursue teaching as a full time career or even spend a few hours of your day. Teaching can take you places – with respect to the colleges, and also in terms of travel to different cities for seminars and conferences. SMS College is forever scouting for new talent to add to their teaching pool. A student from the alumni network is always welcome to the fold.
  2. Start your own venture. Upon securing a management degree, you are prepared to handle the set up and workings of a complete organisation. In a way you are somewhat ready to take up the task of establishing a new venture head-on.
  3. Explore career options in well established organisations. Having an MBA degree gives a boost to your career prospects. Many industries and organisation necessarily want to hire management graduates. So having the requisite qualification gives you an added edge over others. SMS College offers an extensive MBA program which is quite sought after because of the faculty it involves and the opportunities it throws open to its students in terms of internship and final placements.
  4. Travel. After completing your MBA degree – you can choose to travel. Travel opens your mind and gives you a different perspective to look at things around you. SMS College encourages its students to take time off and try and get clear on their own life views. This gives a clear understanding to every person on their life goals and long term career objectives.
  5. Freelance work. This could include consultancy, recruitment as well as operations management. Graduates can take up projects from time to time, or totally work as a free lancer.

In effect, after an MBA degree a plethora of options and opportunities are thrown open to you. It is really up to the student what to make out of them.


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