Permanent demand excess as business strategy

Higher education is the backbone of all research activity in particular and development activity in general for a nation. The amount of investment done in research and development is also considered as a barometer to measure a nation’s attitude towards progress. Hence, for developing nations like India, South Africa, Brazil etc, it is imperative to lay stress on not just the quantity of higher education degrees awarded but also the outcome of such investment.

Governments can only fund education to a certain limit, thus leaving much of the market in higher education, open to private enterprise. Such entrepreneurs must take note of the following research paper which provides vital insights into not just sustaining their businesses but also running them profitably. The attached case is that of Brazil,a nation with comparable demographic attributes. It shows that investment made on developing and retaining quality teachers and students goes a long way in differentiating HEIs (Higher Educational Institutions).

Relevant for Entrepreneurs, Management and Trustees of private HEIs.


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