Phone Interview : Things to Know

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1. Preparing for a phone interview is just as important as preparing for an in–person interview. Usually, you won’t have the chance to meet face–to–face if you ruin it over the phone, so make sure you’ve prepared for these preliminary interviews as well.

2. Make sure you have a location to take the call that is quiet and free from distractions. If possible, avoid going outside since excessive wind can often ruin a call.

3. Wear something that makes you feel like a winner. Maybe that’s a suit, maybe it’s jeans … whatever it is, just make sure you have a physical presence that makes you feel good about yourself. You might not be face–to–face with the interviewer, but what you wear is just as much about how you feel as it is about what others think.

4. Keep it simple. Don’t make the mistake of printing out your answers, laying a bunch of pages on the table in front of you, and thinking that you’ll have time to look up the answer to each question. This isn’t an interview over email, it’s a phone conversation. Your replies are instant. Instead, develop a list of key bullet points and phrases that you absolutely want to cover. You can easily check off these bullet points as you talk about them.

5. Do not reveal your salary expectations on a phone interview.This is a common play by recruiters and they want to box you into a number as early as possible. If you hear something along the lines of, “What are your salary expectations?” Then simply respond with, “Well, I think we’re a little ways from having that chat, but if it seems like a good fit for the both of us, then I’m sure salary won’t be a problem.” If they push further, then just insist that you can’t give a number until you meet your co-workers, visit the company, and have a better idea of what the job will entail. Tell them that you’re simply not comfortable revealing a number until you can see the full picture.

6. Show that you’re in it for a career and not a job. Most people just want a job. They want to be employed and get paid. Show the recruiter that you’re looking for a career. You want to become a part of the culture, of the company, of a team. You want to be there through good and bad and support the people around you. You researched the company history, their culture, their advertisements and marketing campaigns, their Twitter and Facebook pages… you want to get to know them because you want to know the type of family that you’re being a part of. You’re in it for a career — not just a job.

7. Ask “What intrigues you about me enough that you called me in for a second interview?” It’s obvious that they like you because they invited you back for a second interview, so you might as well find out what they like. They will give you some key areas that they are impressed with, which makes it easier for you to briefly highlight those strengths as well as focus on the other areas that will seal the deal

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