Placed in a Start-Up? Fret Not!

Our county is going through a whole Start-Up Boom. Typically, Start-ups are new, fresh and relatively younger organisations which are either backed by funding or looking for potential investors. India has never seen a start-up culture budding and buzzing, as it is seeing in today’s time. This Professional space is something that is being as widely experienced by entrepreneurs and job seekers alike.

So, it is both exciting and risky for business management graduates joining these organisations. SMS college decodes a few myths and talks about some positives about being associated with a Start-up:


  1. Adding Value to your Personal and Professional Growth story. Working in Start-up brings with it, many new challenges which end up bringing out the best in you. It motivates you to think out of the box and come up with many different solutions.  Your thinking capability is stretched beyond the ordinary and helps realise your potential to the maximum.
  2. Unique, Innovative experience. A start up brings forth experiences which you may or may not have got while working in a more traditional set up.  In a Start-up, each and every employee adds a different perspective to the way things function, hence making for unique and fulfilling experience.
  3. In a Start-up, every employee is a gem. Every employee adds a certain value to the organisation, if not monetarily and in term of revenue, then by means of thoughts, skills and perspective that the employee to the forefront.

SMS college encourages every student of theirs to take up challenging positions, in new and older organisations alike, to realise their true worth and potential, for a more satisfying career.

Not negatives, but just points to be careful about.

  1. Risk. Start-ups always run the risk of not being able to sustain themselves. There could be many reasons for it. Monetary crunch, unfavourable policies and work environment. So, the risk of a Start- up shutting its business is always the case.
  2. Most Start-ups are boot strapped and may not be able to offer the kind of salaries and payback that a more established organisation may be able to.
  3. A Start-up is bound to have more work load and pressure than a regular establishment due to shortage of resources.

Think well before joining a company! However, do not let just the money lure you. A satisfying and fulfilling career should be of utmost importance. All The best.


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