‘Powering’ Economic Growth

It is a widely accepted fact that a growing economy hinges on a robust power infrastructure. The demand for energy shapes the structure of an economy and if not managed properly, cost overruns may severely cripple the growth story of a nation.

The generation and transmission of electrical power in India remains a largely state controlled phenomenon although more and bigger private players are taking interest in it now. The latter development is driven by the fact that consumption of electricity, not only at the end user level but also at commercial level in India has sky-rocketed since the early 90s. Is this an encouraging sign? What is the relation between consumption of electricity and development?

The link below provides a look at the story of Uganda, an economy similar to India’s, though not as large. The authors try to analyse the nature of correlation between consumption of electricity and economic growth. Students of Strategic Management (Sustainable Development), Entrepreneurship Development and International Trade will find it useful.http://www.rebs.ro/articles/pdfs/195.pdf


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