Punjab becomes first state to issue Soil Health Cards to farmers


i. Punjab has become the first state in India to issue Soil Health Cards (SHCs), a Union Government initiative to all farmers in the state.
ii. In this regard, every district of state has been assigned mobile soil testing lab. These labs will take soil sample from every farm and issue a digitalised soil health details.
iii. Presently, state government has 66 such laboratories and has capability to test 3.5 lakh soil samples annually. State government also has made mandatory for these labs to check soil health on quarterly basis.
iv. It will help farmers in maintaining the balanced health structure of the soil and educate them to use right quantity of fertilizers in order to prevent soil from becoming arid.
v. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had formally launched the nationwide ‘Soil Health Card’ Scheme in February 2015 in Suratgarh, Rajasthan.




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