Qualities that make a Strong Leader

A positive leader can leave a lasting impression on the employees of the organisation.  The strength, character and the confidence that a leader brings to the table, can be a force to reckon with. A strong leadership or top management can make all the difference to the functioning of a company.  Feelings of security, support, and being well looked after are extremely important for all the employees, and this comes through with a strong top management.

So what characteristics make a strong leader? SMS College delves a little deeper:

  1. Clarity of thought. A leader should have ample clarity of thought. The leader’s entire team tends to bear the consequences of his/her actions. So, a team leaders’ thought process has to be crisp and clear.

SMS College encourages its students to take on responsibilities and leadership roles within the duration of the course. In order to achieve this, personal disciple attains utmost importance. You cannot be clear and precise in your actions if your routine is all over the place. The college highly recommends that its students maintain a stringent time table and try sticking to it at all times, so as to be able to lead a team well, in times to come.

  1. Integrity. An able leader should be ethical and sincere in his/her approach. Integrity in work and actions forms a trademark of a good team leader.
  2. Confidence and risk taking abilities. A leader should be confident and able to take on responsibilities of all the team mates. SMS College urges its students to take up challenges faced in their day to day course life. The college also pushes its students to take risks, but at the same time be able to deal with failures. You emerge as a stronger person only when you put yourself out of the comfort zone.
  3. Calm demeanour. SMS College advises all the students to maintain a calm aura. It is a well established fact that one is able to achieve more results when doing things calmly. Getting overworked and hyper at situations which may not be in your control, only dampens the environment. Calmly dealing with any challenge is more likely to fetch better results.
  4. Initiative: A strong leader should necessarily be a self-starter. He / She should be able to take initiatives. You will often find that team leader on the work front, has also been a position holder on the academic front in the educative years.
  5. Delegation. A good leader should be able delegate tasks smoothly amongst the team mates. To do this, a leader should be able to make an analysis on the positives and negatives of each team member. Tasks should be delegated keeping individualistic capabilities in mind.
  6. High Emotional quotient. A leader should also have a High EQ. Being gentle and kind with the team mates only helps you in getting your work done in the long run. Instead of saying that “ this could have been done better”,  a leader should be able to focus on the positives and deal with future situations keeping the team mate’s plus points in mind.

We, at SMS College, encourage all our students to inculcate some of the above qualities. It is a feeling of great joy and pride when we see our students soaring high and achieving great successes in their endeavours on the work front.


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