Questions Frequently Asked After the Presentation About the Company

Dear All,

There are few frequent questions which can be asked by the Interview Panel once they have finished with the pre-placement talk:

1. Career Growth within the Company

2. Working Environment within the Organisation

3. Attrition Rate of Employees.

4. Measures regarding Development of Employees.

5. Perks, if not mentioned in the talk.

6. If CTC Salary mentioned, what exactly one will get in Hand.

7. Expectation of the Employer.

8. Appraisal system, if they have any.

9. Ask about the Team’s own experience with the Organisation.

Note: All question might not be relevant but one should be clear before sitting for the Company’s Interview. If any question is popping in your mind, do ask. Do not leave any stone unturned.


Rohit Mehta


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