Quick facts about securing Financial Aid

A whole lot of students are looking for financial aid when entering college. Graduate and post graduate education no longer comes at a cost as it used to some years back . Colleges need to hike up the tuition fee to maintain the standards and the teaching faculty. World class infrastructures and other amenities make the course fee starkly high . Many banks and institutions have started helping students secure financial aid / student loans which come at lower rates of interest and offer flexibility of payments along with other terms and conditions .SMS college decodes a few facts for studying a applying for education loans :

1.  SMS college provides merit scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate students.  Students securing a certain percentage of marks in the requisite class are eligible to apply for merit scholarships. Scholarships run as high as covering 70 per cent of the course fee which turns out to be a substantial amount .

2. SMS college also helps students applying to their institution secure loans – from banks and other bodies at lower rates of interest. This is on account of the commendable work done by the college in providing world class education.

3.  Be in close contact with the alumni and the college communities.  With respect to securing financial aid , communities and people involved can be of huge help in discussing pros and cons. SMS college has a strong alumni base which helps students get in touch with banks for financial help .

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