Top Reasons why Exam Scores should NOT impact you

Results for most colleges are either underway or have already been declared. Most students eagerly await their exam scores. Everyone wants to attain good marks in order to make themselves, their parents and extended well wishers happy. Unfortunately, in our country many of the parents still equate the success of their children in a course, through the marks that the get after the assessments are over.

However, we at SMS College would like to believe otherwise. We look beyond just scoring good marks and would like to give you a few reasons why marks should not be the end of it all.

  1. It’s the Aptitude that counts. In the long run it is the aptitude that counts and takes you places in your career. No one will ask someone like a Virat Kohli how much did he score in his post graduate examinations or what specialisation did he take up in the management course.

Other than getting good grades, each student should be able to realise what their true calling is. One can study hard and get good marks but what use are those numbers and grades if not put to practical use.

  1. Scores do not guarantee a successful career. Getting good grades and securing high marks in college do not give you a guarantee of a soaring career innings. On a general note, most people in authority in many organisations have not been rank holders in their colleges.

This goes on to prove that you may end up securing good grades all throughout, but this in no way gives you an assurance that you will be able to taste the same success in your working life.  A combination of confidence, positive grits and ambition is extremely important as well.

  1. All work and no Play makes Jack a dull boy. So goes the saying and it is absolutely true. Just by being a book worm and cramming everything in your head in order to secure good marks and grades does no good to your over all personality.

SMS College discourages students to only and only concentrate on their studies. A well developed personality with keen interest in extracurricular activities is what the college aims to shape.

  1. Great Scores do not make you an all rounder. Good grades do not come anywhere near to becoming an all-rounder in college. Just by getting good marks, you only end up attaining a position in the eyes of teachers who are keenly teaching you the subject. It necessarily does not lead you too far – socially or in the college circles.
  2. Looking Beyond. SMS College urges all its students to enjoy college life. It is an experience which you will not get again and gain. So Look beyond grades. Study hard and sincerely, but always topping the class or setting very high benchmarks shouldn’t e the only aim in college.


All the best !


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