Resume or a Life’s Report Card?

Sounds different, right? But ponder over it – and you might find some connection between the two. A resume, a cover letter or a curriculum vitae- are the first documents which you send across to prospective employers. A Recruiter does not know you and their first level of judgement about you is via these documents. So, one must ensure that a Resume outlines professional, academic and personal achievements as best as possible. At SMS college, we do help and guide our students in drafting a resume. Justa few things to keep in mind while preparing one:

  1. Crisp and short. The first thumb rule is to keep the resume short and specific. There is no point in going on and on about what you may have achieved on the professional or the personal front. It is difficult for a recruiter to spend a long time in screening one single profile. The maximum time that the prospective employer should ideally spend on the resume should not be more 5-7 minutes.


  1. Honest and Truthful. It always pays to be honest and clear about what you have done. False work experiences, fudged dates and academic grades leave an extremely negative impression on the recruiter.


  1. Best comes first. DO highlight your best achievements, academic or professional the first thing in the resume. There is no point in putting your star accomplishments in the middle of the document or right in the end. The recruiter may miss seeing it or may not pay attention to it. The idea is to grab the employers’ eyeballs right in the start.


  1. Eye catchy. Give a simple and conciseheadline to the Resume, which embodies what the rest of the document would entail. A definite summary to a cover letter draws attention of the recruiter and makes him/her go through the whole document. A clumsy resume often find its way into the trash bin, collapsing your chances of even making it to the first cut.


  1. Give what you want to Get!At SMS college, we firmly believe that the resume should be designed in such a manner that suits the job profile that the prospective employer is seeking. This, in no way means, that you distort the achievements and degrees that you have. It only means that you write about your accomplishments in a fashion that gives an impression that you are tailor made for the job in question. A one shoes fits all strategy does not work in today’s times when applying to a job.

Good Luck !


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