Retailing in India: Scenario,Shortcomings and Solutions

Ever since the advent of Consumerism in the early 18th century, the one economic activity that has majorly impacted earth is retailing. Retailing comprises all end-consumer sales.

In a very narrow sense, consumers buy goods or avail services from retailers, but in the broader sense, almost all manufacturing or R&D ultimately ends up in the consumer’s cart. For example, nuclear energy generation might seem completely detached from end consumers, however a brief discussion would make it clear that ultimately even that energy has to come to consumer homes, in the form of electricity.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, let’s consider another application of nuclear energy- bombs! Are they too somehow related to end consumption or are they meant to END consumption? After all, national armies are the end consumers of such products. What do they have to do with consumerism? Well, not much. That’s why it is important to delineate which product category is covered in retailing and which isn’t.

The article in the link below would provide students with an insight into retailing, particularly that in the Indian scenario.


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