Scope of MCA

In spite of there being a plethora of job and study opportunities available to students after completing an MCA course, students often get confused. There are a wide variety of Government as well as private sector jobs with varied ranges of salaries available.

MCA or Masters in Computer Application equips students with information and knowledge on latest technologies, tools and applications related to computers and the IT sector. The demand for IT professionals in the field of computers is ever growing. MCA is a rigorous 3 year course, giving the students ample opportunities for internship and on- the- job training while still in college.

MCA graduates can seek work opportunities in many areas such as IT industry catering to both hardware as well as software side of it. An MCA graduate can work very well in the sphere of a Trouble shooter, a system analyst. Students graduating after the course become well trained to crunch numbers as well as data. SMS College gives you a low down where you can head after getting a degree in MCA:

1. Software & Hardware Consultant: Electronic Machines like personal laptops, desktops, and many reading devices, require extensive manpower to deal with software as well as hardware related problems. Armed with an MCA qualification, a graduate can take up a profile in such related areas which is neither dying nor slowing down. These people are essentially responsible for providing software and hardware solutions to drive the efficiency of an organisation. It is their task to install the hardware devices in a system, checking, testing and maintaining the same.

2. Software Developer/Programmer: These people are responsible for designing, developing, testing as well as installing new software. They meet the IT requirements by introducing new and improved software. Such a profile requires workers to be very creative and have hands on knowledge of their work, which they get through the MCA degree.

3. Technical Writer: Just how a web designer should know how to work with designing tools like HTML and the like, a technical writer is needed to code in the language and technical tit bits involved while making pages for a website.  This is something which has been

4. Web Designer: In today’s digital age websites have become all the more important. Any start-up, established or even a budding business enterprise needs a website. More to say, can’t do without one. The requirement of website developers, designers have become huge. Their demand is only going to increase. Along with a strong colour sense, the web designer or developer should have a keen idea of tools like HTML, Dreamweaver, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash and so on. This is where an MCA degree comes into the picture.


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